It’s a Meme Contest!

I enjoy some of the memes that are often passed around on the internet. When my sister showed me this photo, I had to share it, because this little guy’s face is totally meme-worthy!  He has a perfect “I’m so done” expression on his little doggy face, doesn’t he?

With that in mind, I created a meme of my own:

Ha! My meme isn’t the most clever, but it came from personal experience. (I’m talking about you, my cell phone provider. Grrrrr!)

Anyway, this photo is so fun, I decided to have a little contest. What comes to mind when you see this dog’s face, and what meme would you create? Simply comment on this post to enter and tell me what you’d like your own meme to say. I’ll choose my favorite and create a new meme for it! I think I’ll also send the winner a signed copy of my book, The French Impressionist, because why not?

Please comment with your entry by August 8th. That gives everybody two weeks. Also, please share this post on social media! I’d love to have tons of entries. 🙂



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9 thoughts on “It’s a Meme Contest!”

    1. When your child tells you they have to use the bathroom right after you get your bathroom right when you get to your car to offload your groceries.

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