I’d Like a Book Title, Please

Have you ever tried an online book title generator? They’re hilarious! Lately, stress has been bringing on more wrinkles and gray hairs, so one day I decided to take a little “mental break” and browse writing blogs, instead of eating my weight in M&M’s.  🙂 I stumbled onto some online book title generators and had a blast. It was a great way to enjoy a little downtime and just laugh and have fun. Here’s one website that gave me a laugh and some great fake book titles:


I liked this site because it gives you titles based on various genres. Here were a few titles I ended up with:

Peons of the  Night

Scientist of Afflication  (is afflication even a word??)

Butchers of Eternity

Fish Asking Questions (this was supposed to be in the horror genre)

Strange, the Galaxy (Master Yoda, is that you?)

Helpful Androids (science fiction at its best)

Secret Admirer with a Hat

Aren’t these great? After getting a few choice titles, I decided to take things a step further and make a few of my own book covers using the generated titles. (I really know how to enjoy wasting my time). 🙂



I don’t know how well you can read the smaller print on the covers–the fake review for “Cruelty with Silver Hair” reads: “Deliciously dark yet somehow comforting, like a hug from Grandma–except Grandma had a machete and didn’t like you.”  😀

Also, the subtitle for “Paradise in Denver” reads: “We have great mountain views when the smog dissipates.”

Let me know what you think. Should I actually write one of these books?? (I’m thinking the “Baker of the Plague” sounds intriguing).  🙂

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