Coming February, 2021: Hole in the Rock

I’m really excited to share news about my upcoming book! “Hole in the Rock,” a contemporary (and humorous) middle grade novel, is being released in February, 2021 by Immortal Works Publishing. I’m so happy to be able to share this story with everyone! The novel centers around a twelve-year-old girl named Lizza. She’s an animal lover who rescues all creatures—feathered and furry, two, four or even eight-legged—who need her help. But what will she do when her dad becomes a taxidermist? And what will she do when her family has to move into a cave? The main setting of this book happens to be one of my all-time favorite “tourist traps!” (The title as well as the photo I’ve added here is a not-subtle-at-all clue.) 🙂 I’ll keep everyone up to date with the latest news as we move toward the release date!

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    1. Hi, Deborah
      I certainly hope to do that when the paperback is available. Due to a family emergency, the release has been pushed back a bit. But the eBook will be available on Feb. 16th, and if you’re interested in reading, you can pre-order now on Amazon. 🙂

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