Latest News on “Hole in the Rock:” the eBook is Almost Here!

Due to a family emergency, life halted for me recently. I put everything on hold, including what I was doing to prepare for the release of my newest middle grade novel, Hole in the Rock. Immortal Works has been very understanding of this situation, and they graciously pushed back the release date of the paperback. For now, the eBook is up on Amazon for pre-order and will be out next week on February 16th. Hole in the Rock is a humorous story about friendship, family, love, acceptance, and…taxidermy. Plus, you get an “insiders” look at the quirkiest tourist trap in the USA! Please order the eBook today and share it with the kids and adults you love. And know that in the near future, as I prepare for the paperback’s release, I will be planning some fun online and in-person events. Stay tuned. 🙂

Cover of the book Hole in the Rock

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Cover of the book Hole in the Rock

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